Professional Belly Dancer. Live Entertainer. Dance Teacher.
Anahys brings a high-level of integrity and professionalism to every event. Her confidence and comfort level are a direct result of her extensive dance background. This talented belly dancer has performed for large and small audiences--from intimate gatherings, such as birthday parties, bridal showers or weddings to large corporate events and conventions.

From Ballet to Belly Dancing

Anahys is a well-rounded artist that started her dancing vocation as a ballerina. She spent 10 years training intensely for the demanding ballerina entrance exam of the French Opera de Paris. She realized that her true passion encompassed different styles of dance. It was just a matter of time for Anahys to soon fall in love with belly dancing also known as Raqs Sharqi.


Belly Dancing Forever.

Anahys has been practicing belly dancing for several years, learning from several well-known belly dancers such as Angelika Nemeth, Yasmina and Leila from Cairo. She has also been trained in different styles of belly dance, with a true emphasis on the Egyptian Raqs Sharqi art form.


Anahys captivates the audience with her grace, elegance, stage presence and inspired blend of dance styles. You’ll definitely enjoy her performance at your next event!


Integrity & Professionalism

Dedicated to bringing a high-level of integrity and professionalism to every performances, Anahys' shows are well suited for younger audiences, family gatherings, business events and all-female groups.


Hire Anahys Today

Hire Anahys for your private or corporate event as well as for private classes. Anahys is available for hire in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Other locations available upon request.